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How to Watch 2000 Mules and the Trailer. >> https://2000mules.com .



See the video footage (2 million minutes worth in all) and the forensic geotracking evidence/proof of over 2000 people (mules) stuffing drop boxes placed all over the 5 battleground states. Enough stuffing to steal the 2020 election from President Trump. Share this video with everyone everywhere by text, email, websites and social media because just about every news agencie in America is trying to keep it from you.


KNOW THIS - The American people better demand 2020 is fixed because if it's not then nothing is stopping democrats from stealing the 2022 midterms next. And that means they remain in power forever. Then the pain you are feeling now will be nothing compared to the horrors they plan to bring down upon America in 2023 and forever more.



It's as simple as full forensic audits of the 2020 election in 3 states, AZ, GA, PA. The results of full forensic audits will show Biden lost so the states will be forsced to decertiy him. Trump will be certitified the winner of these states and as the President of the United Sates. The legislators in these states all know this and this is why they're all blocking the audits.


Would you like a pre-covid America again?? >> Look at what would full forensic audits will mean to you, your family and all of America.


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On 8/10/21-8/12/21 a 3 day live event was held, and again on 11/25/21-11/28/21, to show the proof and evidence to the world that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen and that Donald Trump won the battleground states of WI, MI, AZ, PA, GA. THIS MEANS TRUMP WON THE ELECTION!...


Electiion Theft Proof:

The raw encrypted data from the voting machines for the entire election was recorded via 'Packet Captures', and this includes detailed data showing the votes being stolen.


See the evidence and proof yourself, it's available on the website that hosted the 3-day event, (FrankSpeech.com). Or go here for MORE INFO on this Website.


See the REAL State by State Election Results.

Below are just the 5 battleground states, all Flipped from Trump to Biden. Trump won AZ by 269,979GA by 403,265MI by 304,536PA by 494,429WI 251,888.








As of approx. 4/13/22

1,205,753 Covid Jabs Adverse Effects Reported: 145,781 Hospitalizations - 4,423 Miscarriages - 48,852 Permanently disabled - 26,396 Deaths.


Do Not Have Your Baby or Toddler Given the Covid Shot Until You Watch the Video Below.


Covid Shot Study For Babies and Toddlers Reveals Only 1% Made it to 1 One Week Post 3rd Dose.




The video that has gone viral:


Covid is not what you think it is, and neither is the vaccine. - What you are about to learn about Covid from Dr. Bryan Ardis is going to horrify you.

This video posted here, 4/14/22. Published on Rumble, 4/11/22.




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Fauci Family Snake Pit Unveiled.

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Who Do You Trust When it Comes to Covid Information?

The information we link to comes from actual real doctors and nurses that are on the front lines treating Covid patients, scientists, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists and other hands-on medical professionals. If you want to know the 'real science' and data when it comes to Covid watch the video interviews of Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Mallone conducted by Joe Rogan in Dec. 2021. Once you realize who these two world renowned doctors are and what they know about Covid you will understand why the dark forces at work that are pushing the vaccines want them silenced so bad.


The doctors tell you how to treat Covid in the early stages to keep you from being hospitalized (yes, early treatment is and has been available) and Covid can be treated with over the counter drugs. They will tell you the truth about the horrible side effects from the vaccine like over 20000 deaths in the US from the vaccine, how many miscarriages etc..



These videos can also be viewed on Spotify.com




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This website is a 'news/info hub', what we do is provide links to the articles, websites, videos and places where you can go for the information that is suppressed and hidden from you by the mainstream news media, social media, and the government. This is not our information, we are only directing you to the information that most people can not find because it is being suppressed or because they do not have the time to seek it out on their own.



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Once Biden is removed and Trump takes over you will begin to see gas prices start to drop, the price of food start to drop, supply chain issues getting fixed, the invasion at the border stopped, truth about covid and the covid injections being shared, vaccine mandates ended, military personnel that did not get the vaccine reinstated, our military strength going back to where it was under Trump, the price of gas dropping, America regaining its energy independence, new housing cost dropping, the price of building materials dropping, the price of rent dropping, food shortage issues addressed, supply chain issues addressed. - All this came about after Jan. 2021. None of this ever would have happened had the legislators in the 5 battleground states not blocked 'full forensic' audits of the 2020 presidential election. The legislators in these states are responsible for all the pain you are forced to endure under Biden and they refuse to stop it.- You can have your country back, it's as simple as forcing these 3 states to do 'full forensic' audits.


Legislators in all 5 battleground state know a 'full forensic' audit of their states election will force them to decertify Biden so every battleground state is fighting tooth and nail to block 'full forensic' audits. The decertifications of just AZ, PA, WI will make President Trump the winner of the 2020 election. - See the evidence for yourself that Trump won all 5 battleground states and the the 2020 Presidential election.


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